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Anonymous: what is your opinion on virginity?


it’s sexist and heteronormative, it commodifies sex and women, contributes to rape culture, polices women’s sexuality, erases queer, transgendered and intersex people, conflates sexuality with morality and honor (negatively so for women), emphasizes gendered power dynamics, implies possession (men ‘take’ and women ‘lose’) which again, contributes to sexism and rape culture, romanticizes submissiveness and chaste behavior which makes it difficult for women to escape gender roles, reinforces thousands of years of patriarchy and continues the subjugation and oppression women face, has been idolized in all the wrong ways, historically has oppressed female sexuality (and still does), and so many other vile things. it is basically a rabid indictment of masculinity and patriarchy and needs to be destroyed

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Roy Lichtenstein | Sunrise, 1965

Aleksandar Srnec (Croatian,1924-2010), Composition, 1952

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by A. Loudon

ph. David Sims
Tristan Pigott

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Titty in my hand
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H e l l y e a h